How to Make a Retro Game Console (with Raspberry Pi + Retropie)

How to Make a Retro Game Console (with Raspberry Pi + Retropie)

Welcome to the retro gaming world again where you can play all of those old 90’s classic games in this generation. Have you ever heard that “old is gold” , yes guys i believe in this thought. We are living in this high end graphics gaming generation and we like many new games like Grand theft auto V, Call of duty, Need for Speed and some online games like Counter Strike, Fortnite, PUBG etc. Where these games came from ?? Actually all these games are just a remake of all retro games only the graphics quality and the way of playing changed.

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In this tutorial i will show you how to make a retro game console at your home, On which you can play thousand of classic games from multiple platforms. You can build it using a Raspberry pi , Retropie and with a Cool gaming case for pi.

Do you know what is Raspberry Pi , its a credit card size single board computer which allows you to do cool projects on it. Retropie !! its a Gaming OS (Operating System) for raspberry Pi, its free you can download it from retropie website or with the below link. Lets see which items you do you need to build this video game. Check the video and item list Below:

How to Make a Retro Game Console (Complete Video Tutorial)

Video Index: Hardware needed to Build the console: 1:44 Super Ursus Case Unboxing: 02:24 How to install retropie on raspberry pi 3 B+: 03:54 Installing Raspberry pi in Ursus Case: 05:13 Configure Gamepad on Retropie: 07:45 How to install Kintaro PCB on Retropie: 08:01 How to Add Game Roms To RetroPie: 09:48 Playing some Nes Games / gameplay: 12:28 Playing some Snes Games / gameplay: 16:03 Nintendo64 Games gameplay starts here: 20:45 Check out some MAME games here: 21:56 Playing Playstation 1 Games on Pi: 33:41 How to install front USB ports on Super Ursus Case: 27:09

Buy the Required items from below

These are the list of required item, may be some of you have raspberry pi but i recommend to buy the new respberry pi 3 B+ for faster performance. Check out these items:

Select Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ and accessories.

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+

Raspberry Pi 3 Only

US 5V 2.5A Power Supply

Power Supply


MicroSD Card

Here is my pick, recommend for you if you don’t have.

Wireless Mouse kbd

Wireless Combo


Desktop Monitor



Super Kintaro awesome cases for raspberry pi 3.


Kintaro Super Ursus Case


Super Kuma 9000

Note: I think the super kintaro company is now shut down, but still in hope i am not removing the links. May be they will back, so i have did research on pi gaming case and if found some similar casese like them. Check the links below:

Select a raspberry pi 3 Gaming Case from banggood.

NESPi Pro NES Case

NESPi Pro NES Case

Retroflag Superpi Case

Retroflag Superpi Case



Ok !! in above tables you can see the raspberry pi 3 model b+ and its power adapter, which comes with 5v 2A voltage (US Version) in your country you can use it with a socket converter or you can also use you mobile charger which have 5v 2a output.

The SD card is mandatory as raspberry pi requirement you can use and class 10 MircoSD card for faster performance and durability. Above are some cool gaming case for pi you can choose any one or you can buy any normal case for pi.

Gamepad !! Logitech is best, but some cheap gamepad are also available online, the last one is wireless mouse keyboard you can use any USB mouse keyboard. All the item above are just a suggestion you are free to choose item you love.

Steps to make a Raspberry pi Retro Game Console

Once you collected or bought all the items, You need a PC or a laptop to install Retropie OS in the MicroSD Card. Then you have to do these following steps to make your retro game console in few minutes:

Step 1: First you have to insert the MicroSD card in to your PC using a Card Reader.

Step 2: Then open you browser and download these freeware software:

Step 3: Format your MicroSD card using SD Card Formatter.

Step 4: If you downloaded the Retropie image file in zip format then extract it with 7-Zip.

Raspbian Flash with Etcher

Step 5: Use etcher to install the retropie image file on the the MicroSD card, boom !! your Gaming OS is ready.

Fit Raspberry Pi and Instert MicroSD card

Step 6: Now fit the Raspberry pi in to your desired gaming case with the heat sink or CPU fan. (Congo!! console is ready)

Step 7: Insert the MicroSD card in raspberry pi card slot.

Connect Raspberry pi Game Console

Step 8: Connect the power adapter, keyboard, gamepad and HDMI monitor with your raspberry pi the power it on.

Step 9: Now the retropie will boot up al you have to do just configure you gamepad, its easy.

Step 10: Now you have to install games, read this: How to Install Game ROMs in Retropie

Step 11: Congratulations !! after installing games your retro game console is ready, Enjoy 🙂

So you learned How to Make a Retro Game Console using Raspberry Pi + Retropie. Hope you enjoyed the tutorial, if i missed something in this article give your feedback in comment. Thanks for reading and watching, Have a Nice day.

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  1. I keep getting: Error Creating SDL Window! Could not initialize EGL
    Renderer failed to initialize!
    Window Failed to initialize!
    and the retroPie command screen

    what I’m I doing wrong??

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