What are the advantages of Cloud Learning Platforms

What are the advantages of Cloud Learning Platforms

Cloud Learning Platforms: What are the advantages?

Technological advancements have paved their way gradually yet steadily into most aspects of business functions and some even reshaped the industry landscapes. Cloud technology is one such tech innovation that has led to a paradigm shift in the way businesses operate, lately. Industries, be it healthcare, communication or manufacturing are already leveraging the cloud to improve their process efficiency and ultimately ROI. The learning industry is no exception when it comes to the adoption of cloud-based applications.

The gradual shift from conventional classroom-based training to online LMS portals can be attributed to cloud technologies. It enables the e-Learning platforms to be hosted on remote servers and thus eliminates the need for physical hosting and data storage infrastructure. In addition, the accessibility to course content anytime anywhere is made possible.

Though there are mentions of data security, unreliable access and lack of IT support resources, the benefits of cloud learning platforms outweigh the shortcomings.

Let’s discuss the key advantages of cloud learning platforms.

One-stop Shop for All L & D needs:

The conventional method of training requires the availability of classrooms and a schedule. As businesses scale, the employee base also widens. Eventually, it becomes challenging to accommodate employees in classrooms and on schedule. Apart from infrastructure and time, there are other factors involved such as the availability of instructors, paper-based course materials, manual training delivery, and performance assessment.

A cloud learning platform is an apt solution. With it in place, businesses need not worry about classrooms and schedules as the employees can learn anytime anywhere and at their own pace by just logging into the online learning system. These cloud-based learning platforms are the best bet if businesses are looking for onboarding training to new entrants or upskilling their existing workforce.

No Set-Up & Maintenance Cost:

Online training platforms come handy in comparison to conventional training solutions as it does not involve the setup and maintenance costs. Instead of these costs, businesses may have to go for a monthly/annual subscription cost that can be customized as per their L & D requirements. Apart from this, setting up a cloud learning platform is rather quick and convenient.

Improved Employee Productivity:

While emoluments and additional perks may play a major role in employee satisfaction, it’s always the growth and learning opportunity that keeps them going. Wouldn’t you agree? So, next time when you are chalking out strategies for boosting employee productivity and retention, be sure a cloud learning platform can bring a great difference. It will allow your employees to keep their domain knowledge and technical know-how upgraded based on the latest trends and enable them with a competitive advantage against their corporate counterparts. Well, what is in it for businesses? Businesses have a rather skilled and knowledgeable workforce at their disposal who are intent on driving business growth.

A More Collaborative Learning Environment:

Today, businesses are expanding their operational boundaries overseas. With this, comes a global and distributed workforce. And, traditional training methods won’t be apt to serve the L & D purpose. So, what’s next? Businesses can leverage a cloud-based learning platform that enables access 24/7, across the globe. It enables the global teams to continue their learning as per their time zone. Some learning platforms even have course materials localized as per the geography.

A Solution that Scales:

With globalization and scalability scope, the workforce is anticipated to grow multifold. And, with compliance processes evolving frequently and rapidly, businesses have to optimize their process and policies accordingly. A cloud-based learning platform can scale according to a business’s L & D needs. It will make it easy for businesses to keep their workforce updated about the recent changes and happenings across their multiple geographic bases.

On-the-go Training:

Mobiles have become an inevitable part of our personal and professional lives. When it comes to learning, it’s no exception! Cloud learning platforms also offer mobile apps for consuming course content on-the-go with increased accessibility, accuracy, and speed.

Apart from the above-mentioned advantages, there are a myriad of other advantages of leveraging cloud LMS tools. If you are yet to leverage this tech trend, wait no longer! Get in touch with the experts at Alpha Learn today!

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