How to Download Game Roms for retropie & Install (Easy Steps)

How to Download Game Roms for retropie & Install (Easy Steps)

Retropie is an Operating System for ARM boards like Raspberry pi, to emulate games from multiple gaming platforms. You can download this operating system for free in Retropie website. Installing the Retropie you will need to configure your gamepad first then you have to add game ROMs on it. You can download 1000+ retro game ROMs below in the article.

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Retropie also has a service REtro ARCH which allows you to connect and play other computers. This is a Linux based operating system and its also called best Gaming os for playing retro games of the ’90s.

How to add Game Roms to Retropie ??

To add game ROMs to Retropie there are three options, but in this article I will show you the easy one. You will need a USB drive to add ROMs and a computer. You can use any flash drive but it must be in a fat32 partition format. Now let’s see how to get ready your USB drive to be able to transfer the ROMs:

Step 1 : Insert a empty flash drive to your computer or format your Flash drive using sdcard formatter in FAT32 File system. (its recommended)

Step 2 : Now create a folder on your flash drive and rename it to “retropie”

Step 3 : Then plug it into the pi and wait for 2 or 3 minutes, retropie will create some folder and setting to your USB drive.

Step 4 : After waiting  take out the USB drive and plug it into a computer.

Step 5 : Copy the roms to their respective emulator folders (in the retropie/roms folder)

Step 6 : Now keep your Raspberry pi turned off , insert the USB drive to Pi.

Step 7 : Start your Raspberry pi and you will see the emulators and games are now showing in the retropie.

How and where to Download Game Roms for Retropie ??

For the copyright reasons and some other reasons retropie website do not serve any game roms on there website, you have to find game roms yourself. Ask your friend if they have some or you can search google for roms. Do not download any illegal roms from untrusted sites , otherwise the will may put malware to your device. There is a Website which is trusted by many people and its safe too. Find link in next Paragraph.

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Download game roms for all the platforms like Playstation , Nintendo entertainment system, SNES, Nintendo64, Mame, NeoGEO, SEGA, Atari etc from this Game Roms website. I found it have good ratings and contains mega roms collection.

How to Build Retro GAME CONSOLE with RPi 3 B+ & Retropie

So you learned how download game roms to the retropie and how to install, one more website i want to include, check it here. Hope you enjoyed the tutorial, if missed something in this article give your feedback in the comment section i will fill that point.

Thanks for reading and watching, if you have any doubt comment me below i will like to give answers.

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  1. He is right tho, there are barely any decent roms on that site.
    top 10 for psx and snes are all unavailable

  2. Thanks for all the wonderful effort you have put to make this article, iam going to try this out .

  3. “copy to roms” were have all roms, were i download roms, mario games need and zelda, but no found anywere have only pay and load site links whit viruses lot.

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