Lenovo G50 Bios Key & Boot Menu (How To Enter)

How To Enter Bios Setup & Boot Menu (Lenovo G50-70)

Lenovo G50 Bios Key and Boot Menu Key (How To Enter)

Hi friends new lenovo laptops are awesome, if you searching to install windows on your Lenovo G50-70 or any other G400/G500/G405/G505/G410/ Etc, the boot menu or BIOS Setup are not available or any function keys. So, what is the secret to Open a Bios Setup or Boot Menu on Lenovo G50 Laptop Series to Install Windows. How to enter bios setup?

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In Lenovo G Series Laptops there is a secret tiny button on the left side of the Laptop, that is called NOVO button. You can also call it lenovo g50 bios key or boot menu key. When your laptop is turned off, you need to press it using any thin object like pen. Once you press, it will open a dialog box with the Boot menu and Bios Setup.

How to install Windows On Lenovo G50-70 Laptop (Video Tut)

If you Have Lenovo G50-80 Laptop and No Boot Options are Working then Read This.

The Link above is a full is a full tutorial of the secret of the Lenovo G50-80 Laptop bios settings to install windows 7, 8 or 10. With images step by step guide.

What is Bios?

BIOS, abbreviation of Basic Input/Output System, is integrated in ROM chip on main board, which contains the basic input/output program, system configuration information, system startup self-check and pre-setup programs. BIOS provides most basic low-level hardware operations; it is the connection between software and hardware, and interfacing window of hardware and operating system.

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  1. Hi I’ve Lenovo G50-70 and recently restored windows 7 from hidden partition. After installing, i’m able to login after that My system freezes and only i see mouse cursor moves and I can’t click on any icons and keybord windows start button also not working. Please help me with your advise.

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