Best 18 in 1 Docking Station for Laptop

Best 18 in 1 Docking Station for Laptop

Docking Station for Laptop or Desktop PC

Hi everyone, in this article i am going to introduce you a budget friendly and super useful 18 in 1 Docking station for Laptop or Desktop PC. This dock is from Blitzwolf, and the model of the product is BW-TH13. This is such a great choice for Laptop users, such as Macbook users where there are very limited ports on the computer.

Docking station provides you additional ports to your laptops or macbooks, such as 3x HDMI Ports, extra USB 3.0 Ports, Type C ports, LAN, SDCard slot, TF Card slot etc. These ports allows you to plug more hardware to your computer to achieve a better work flow. So lets talk about this budget docking station for macbook pro or PC.

Where to Get Docking Station?

There are many brands for docking station out there, most of them are very costly if you compare this one. This dock is designed by BlitzWolf, it’s a very popular brand in Asian countries. Known for manufacturing awesome gadgets and computer accessories in very budget friendly prices, such as Projectors, Smart watch, Chargers, Bluetooth Speakers, etc.

BlitzWolf Docking Station

BlitzWolf BW-TH13

Note: This product is now only available on, once it available on amazon. Will Update.

BlitzWolf BW-TH13 Features

The most unique thing about this dock is, it has a M.2 Sata SSD slot on the top of the dock. This feature rarely present in the other dock, it has a DP port also and 3 HDMI ports for triple monitor setup. More over it has USB Type C port at front, 3 x USB 3.0 ports, MicroSD Card slot, SDHC Card slot and a headphone jack which supports both 3.5mm TRS and TRRS audio jacks. Below are the official specifications.

1) M.2 SATA 3.0 NGFF SSD Enclosure


This dock can be used as a External Hard Drive, you can install a M.2 SATA SSD up to 2TB. So, you can add some room to your storage with the transfer speed of 5Gbps. Installation is super simple all you need to do, just remove the top cover, take out the SSD clip plug the SSD attach the clip. That’s it.

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2) USB 3.0 front Ports (x3)

There are 3 USB 3.0 ports to plug Pendrive, Smartphones or external drive, etc. The transfer speed is around 5Gbps, depends on the drive speed.

3) MicroSD / TF Card Slot

In the front there is 1 MicroSD slot, so you can plug mobile Memory Card to it. Right below it there is a SDHC Card slot also to plug your camera Memory Card to it with Simultaneous Reading Up to 104MB/s.

4) USB Type C port

USB type C hub docking

Also there is a USB Type C port available at the front, to attach Type C USB drives or headphones. The Transfer Speed of the port is around 5Gbps.

5) 3.5 MM Audio Jack (TRS/TRRS)


Audio jack is also present in the front, the special thing is it supports both 3.5mm TRS (3 pole) and TRRS (4 pole) jacks with the working headphone mic.

6) Extra USB 2.0 ports (x2)


In the back side we have 2 extra USB 2.0 ports for small device such as Mouse Keyboard dongle, Bluetooth adapter, etc.

7) RJ45 LAN Port for Internet

LAN ports are still useful if you are a gamer and ping matters to you. This docking station has also this feature at back side with the transmission of 1000Mbps.

8) 3X HDMI for Triple Monitor Setup


Docking Station for triple monitor setup, yes! there are 3 HDMI ports available in the back side so you can setup 3 monitors on your Macbook or laptop with the thunderbolt port.

Note: To set up Triple Monitor with MacBook you will need only the Provided MacBook Cable, But to set up Triple Monitor with PC you will Need 2 separate USB Type C Cables.

9) DisplayPort (DP port)

Display port is also available in back side so if you wish you can even setup Quadruple Display.

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10) Power Delivery Port (PD 3.0)

Power delivery port available at the back to charge your MacBook Pro, with the delivery of 100W.

18 in 1 Docking Station for MacBook (Review Video)

So, that was my review on BlitzWolf BW-TH13 18 in 1 Docking station for Laptop, MacBook or Desktop PC. Hope you enjoyed my review, if you have any questions please comment down below. Thanks for the visit, have a great day.

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