How to Spy On Someone’s Computer Screen?

How to Spy On Someone's Computer Screen

Spy On Someone’s Computer Screen, Most of the parents hand over an independent PC to their kids before handing them an independent smartphone. Yet the parents prefer keeping a watch on the teen’s smartphone and neglect checking their computer devices. But the truth be told, the PC devices of your teen might be holding some equally explicit content, or maybe even worse.

And even if you are well aware that a PC/laptop should be under your check, you will certainly not be able to find what you are looking for. But that’s where the technology barges in. With a help of a spy app, you can keep a constant eye on the PC activities of your spouse or your teen. Want to know how? Read further to know.

How To Spy On Someone’s Computer And Its Screen?

As we told you, spying on someone’s computer is only possible if you have a spy app for a PC. The app should work in a hidden mode and be able to give you the data remotely.

One such spy software that will be the best for tracking computer screens and their activities is pcTattletale. It is one of the best spy software for PC and is rated #1 in this list on SpyDrill.

But for using pcTattletale, you need to create an account on the app first. So let’s see how to do that.

Creating a pcTattletale Account

1. For starting with the creation of the pcTattletale account, you need to purchase the service of the app first. For that, you have to reach the official website of pcTattletale, scroll down till you see the pricing plans, and click on the Buy Now option.


2. On the next page, you have to enter the credentials for your pcTattletale account. These credentials include email address and password. Click on the CREATE FREE ACCOUNT option after that.


3. Once the account is created, you have to fill in your card details and make the payment by clicking on Buy Now.


4. With this, your pcTattletale account is created. Now it’s time to Add A Device for monitoring.


5. Next you have to select the type of device you want to monitor. As this article is based on PC monitoring, select the Windows option by clicking on Next.


Finally, you will see a unique link generated on your PC screen. Keep this link safe as this will come in use for downloading the app on the target PC.

Once all these steps are done, it’s time to take the target PC of your spouse handy and set up the pcTattletale app on it.

6. Open any browser on the target laptop and search for the unique link that you got in the last step. This will automatically start to download the app on the target device.

7. After the app is downloaded, it’s time to Log In to your pcTattletale account on the kid’s computer.


8. To continue further with the app set up on the target device, you have to accept the license agreement by checking the box and then clicking on Next.


9. With this, the installation of the app is complete. Just tap on the Finish button.


Spy On Someone’s Computer Screen

The first feature of pcTattletale that makes it better than all the other PC monitoring apps is Live Viewing. Just by its name, you must have guessed what this feature is about.

After logging into the pcTattletale account, you will see a LIVE option appearing on the screen. By clicking on the LIVE option, you will see the computer screen of your lover remotely.


All the activities they are doing on their computer screen can be seen by you in real-time. There’s only a difference of 4-6 seconds between what they are actually doing and what you see on the screen.

By spying on the computer screen, you can know the truth that was hidden from you till now.

The only thing that you won’t like about Live viewing is its performance for tracking videos. While the target person is watching a video, you will just see a few frames from that video, not the complete video.

But maybe those few frames make it possible for you to know the context of the video.

Most importantly, the screen that you see is going to be good in quality and everything is completely visible.

How To Spy On Computer With Other pcTattleale Features

Recorded Videos

Watching the live video continuously for hours for keeping a track of the computer activity doesn’t make any sense, right!

That’s where the Recorded Video feature of the app comes to work. Even if you are offline, you don’t need to miss monitoring something important.

All the activities that your girlfriend/boyfriend does while you were offline are recorded by pcTattletale.

Even if you are offline for a few days, there’s no need to worry, pcTattletale has a backup of videos for you. Just go to the calendar option that you see on the top and select the date for which you want to see the video.

Downloading the video is also possible.

Spy On Someone's Computer Screen

Click Activity


High use of computer and internet is the keen concern of the parents. And while you are for work, you know your teen is continuously using the computer. But they will always tell you how hard they studied today.

pcTattletale will reveal the truth. By checking the number of clicks made on the PC every hour, you can make an estimate of the computer use.

Top App Usage

Spy On Someone's Computer Screen

By checking the number of clicks you know that your child uses the computer too much. But which apps they use most, isn’t it necessary to know?

With the Top App Usage feature of this spy app, you can know which apps are mostly used by the teen.

As you can see, the teen likes to use Google Chrome too much, followed by Microsoft Word.

Pricing Of The App

While reading the article, most of you must have already made your mind if you want the service of pcTattletale or not. If that’s the case, then let’s discuss the pricing of pcTattletale.

Basically, there are three plans for the app. The first one is the FAMILY plan, the second one is the FAMILY PLUS plan, and the last one is the BUSINESS plan.

With all the 3 plans, you can add 3 devices to the app at once.

The FAMILY plan of the app is available for $99 and the data storage capacity is 7 days. Coming to the FAMILY PLUS plan, it is available for $147 and has a storage capacity of 30 days. Finally, the BUSINESS plan comes at a price of $297 with a storage capacity of 365 days.

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Thanks for reading our article on Spy On Someone’s Computer Screen, hope you learned well. (Disclaimer: This post is for education purposes, seeing other’s privacy is a crime. But it is useful for parents to monitor their kids and best for police investigation) Have a good day.

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