How to Install Windows 10 on Asus X540 Laptop from USB

How to Install Windows 10 on Asus X540 Laptop from USB

How to Install Windows 10 on Asus X540 Laptop

In this article, I will show you how to enable the boot option in Asus X540 Laptop to Install Windows 10 from the USB Bootable drive.  In case you purchased a new Asus X540 and want to install Windows 10 or Linux on it, first, you need to enable the boot option in bios. Then you need a USB Bootable drive and other installation media to install an operating system on your Laptop.

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Before Installing, make sure you back up all your data if there is any or you can also do the installation on C: drive without touching all other drives to prevent data loss.

So let’s begin with some easy steps and follow these steps carefully to install Windows 10:-

How to Enable Boot Option in Asus X540

Turn on Laptop and Press Esc Key to enter Boot menu

Step 1: Turn on your Laptop and Press the Esc button to enter the boot menu.

Boot menu of asus x540 laptop

Step 2: You can see in the boot menu, there is no option for a Hard drive and DVD drive or any USB Drive. In this case, you have to go to the Bios setup and change some settings.

Enter Bios Setup by pressing enter key

Step 3: Press Enter to go to the Bios Setup.

Go to Security Tab

Step 4: Now go to the Security Tab.

Secure Boot menu

Step 5: In the bottom, you can find the Secure boot menu.

Secure boot control

Step 6: Click on Secure Boot Menu, there is an option Secure Boot Control which is Enabled.

Disable secure boot control

Step 7: You have to disable this. Just disable this and Press Esc.

Go to Boot tab and Launch CSM

Step 8: Now go to the boot tab and go to Launch CSM.

Enable Launch CSM

Step 9: Now Enable this option.

Hit F10 Key to Save Changes

Step 10: Now Press the F10 button to save changes and then hit enter.

Open Boot Menu by pressing ESC key at startup

Step 11: Now Press the Esc button again to enter the boot menu.

Now Boot options are available

Step 12: You can see the boot options are available.

Bootable USB pendrive

Step 13: To Install Windows I have chosen my bootable USB Drive.

Plug the Bootable usb in USB 2.0 port

Step 14: Insert it into a USB 2.0 Port and then you need to restart your Laptop.

Select Bootable USB

Step 15: Now press the Esc button again to open the boot menu. Now bootable USB is here to select it.

Install Windows 11, 10 or Linux

Step 16: Now the installation process is started. You can continue installing your Windows.

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Congo! Now you know how to install Windows 10 OS on your Asus X540 Laptop.

Also providing a Video Tutorial in case you need it.

How to install Windows 10 on Asus X540 Laptop (Video Guide)

So, I hope this will help you in installing Windows 10 on Asus X540 from USB and if you have any questions regarding this please let us know in the comment section below. We definitely resolve all your problems and stay connected with us for more such articles.

Have a nice Day!!

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