Best Keylogger for Windows 10 PC (Free Download)

Best Keylogger for Windows 10 PC (Free Download)

Best Keylogger for Windows 10 Computer

Are you looking for the best and powerful keylogger for windows 10? In this article, I will tell you what is keyloggers, its features, and the best and updated five keyloggers to download for your PC.

Keyloggers are programs that used to capture or record all the pressed keys from your computer’s Keyboard. Keylogger is also known as a keyboard capturer.

Keyloggers are used in two forms of the software as well as hardware.

Keyloggers keep records of all the keystrokes whether you are entering tour username, passwords, etc also while you are accessing your social media accounts, emails, online shopping, and browsing many more websites.


  • Record Keystrokes
  • Monitor Clipboard
  • Capture Screenshots
  • Monitor Internet Activities
  • Monitor Local Applications
  • Smart Read Filter
  • Advanced Filtering
  • HTML Reports
  • Limit by User/Application
  • Scheduled Monitoring
  • Encrypted Log Files
  • Password Protection
  • Delivery via Email, FTP, LAN, USB
  • Automatic Log Clearance
  • Invisible Mode
  • Automatic Uninstall
  • Parental Controls
  • Web Filtering
  • Time Limiting Internet Access
  • Internet Blocking
  • Application Blocking

Top 5 Powerful Keylogger For Windows 10 (Free to Downloads) 

Spyrix Free Keylogger

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Spyrix Keylogger is a free key logging software that allows you to record and monitor every single keystroke. It also captures screenshots of the active programs. It can also make reports about programs that are running. However, according to the NNEDV Safety Net Project, children or teenagers don’t possess the right of privacy on a PC. Parents. Keyloggers will allow you to receive all the necessary information without being detected.

  • Remote monitoring via secure web account
  • Keylogger (keystrokes logging)
  • Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype, Email, etc.
  • Screenshots capture
  • Live Screen and WEB Camera Viewing
  • Continuous Screen and Web Camera Recording
  • and more than 25 indispensable features for activity control

Kid Logger

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Kid logger is a key logger software by The software provides users key logging authority on their children. “Parental Time Control” on the computer or device to be observed. Find out who your child is talking to over the phone or when in cyberspace.  They can also take screenshots, web history, and get email reports. Your personal automatic diary. Tracking the notebook or phone location by GPS.

  • Record keystrokes
  • Make screenshots
  • Web history monitoring
  • Record voices
  • Time tracking
  • Chat monitoring
  • Phone location tracking
  • SMS Records all incoming/outgoing SMS messages with phone number and recipient name.

Actual Keylogger

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Actual Keylogger is a program that monitors the activity on your computer, you can discover what other users are doing on your computer. The keylogger software keeps track of programs run or closed, websites visited and any keystrokes pressed, and can also record screenshots and content copied to the clipboard.

  • Which applications are run and closed
  • All keystrokes pressed (keystroke logger)
  • All print activity
  • All websites visited
  • Screen captures for a set time period
  • Encrypted log files for all activity


Best Free Logger

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Best Free Keylogger is a PC monitoring that works totally invisibly on your computer. This software can monitor keystrokes; Chat, Internet activity, Visited URL, Clipboard text copy, File copy, and screenshots. This software is the best solution to monitor what children are doing with their computers.

  • Keystroke recording
  • Internet activity recording
  • Chats and password logging
  • Clipboard monitoring
  • Application monitoring
  • Capture Screen-shots
  • Email, FTP, LAN, USB delivery
  • Invisible mode and password protection
  • 100% Undetectable
  • Schedule monitoring
  • Automatically log clear

Ardamax Keylogger

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Ardamax Keylogger is an easy-to-use keylogger that captures users activity and saves it to a log file. The log file can be viewed as a text or web page.

  • Keystroke logging
  • Browsers capturing
  • Webcam recording
  • Email log delivery
  • Microphone recording
  • Visual surveillance
  • Chat monitoring

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These are the best 5 keylogger for windows 10 you have ever download. Please let us know in the comment section if you found any difficulty while downloading any of the keyloggers. We will be very happy to clarify your doubts. Thanks for reading our article.

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