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How to Hard Reset China Tablet by Utility Software


How to Hard Reset China Tablet by Utility Software

How to Hard Reset China Tablet by Software Download

Hi Friends today I am going to show you how to Hard reset China Tablet using a Software, its called Android Multi-tool. Generally the hard reset method does not work by pressing the shortcut buttons on the Chinese tablet.

Don’t worry i have a trick for this, i am using Dapic tablet for this tutorial hope this will work for other tabs too. Lets get started step by step, first you have to download Driver for your tab and Android multi Tool to start Hard Reset Process. Find the links below in article.

How to Perform a Hard Reset Using Software :

Step 1 : First connect your china tablet in to your PC , Via data cable.

Step 2 : If your tablet driver not installed automatically (How to check)

Step 3 : Right click on My Computer > Go to Properties > Device Manager

Device Manager Android Driver

Step 4 : Download the ADB Driver Installer, open it and click on Install. (It will detect your tab and install the Driver.)

ADB Driver Installer

Step 5 : Your Tab Driver installed successfully, Now download Android Multi Tool and open.

Android Multi Tool

Step 6 : Select the first option to detect your tab by multi tool (It will look like this)

Android List of Device

Step 7 : Now Select the fifth option “Wipe Data” to reset your tablet.

Wiping Done

Step 8 : Congratulations !! After this your tab will restart automatic and now its UNLOCKED.

How to Hard Reset China Tablet – (Video Tutorial)

Download links for Driver : ADB Driver Installer and Software : Android Multi Tool the follow the steps in above video or more above the article.

Supported Tablets : Dapic Tab, Domo Tab, Jxd, Hanxin, Wopad, Etc. Thanks for reading our article , for any quires left a comment below we reply all comments 🙂

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    1. Basically this multi tool works on all china Tablet , i never tried it on neutab n7 pro. Lets you try and give me feedback 🙂

  1. my e.dots tab 7011 not detecting by pc, & i forgot my patern lock.. is there any other way to hard reset? plz help

  2. Thanks You, Someone gave me a tablet that they couldnt unlock, with your help Its unlocked and working great !…Thanks

    1. Its right there , in line “Here is the Download link for Driver : ADB Driver Installer and Software : Android Multi Tool the follow the steps below” Click on “Android Multi Tool” 🙂

    1. Click on “ADB Driver Installer” and Software : “Android Multi Tool” , Wahi hai download link. Thanks for Visiting 🙂

  3. Hi friends,
    Android Multi Tool does NOT work on Marshal tablet ME-702
    Kindly inform me if any solution.
    Thanks + Regards

  4. bhaai isme usb debugging enable hona chahiye mere vale mein to enable nhi h to kaise hoga us tab ka pattern bhul gaya

    I get permition denied trying Wipe or Reset Pin Lock, and tablet reboots but keeps asking pin
    Can you help?


    1. Try to reset your tab with keys, shut down the tab and try pressing volume rockers + power rocker together to open recovery menu. In recovery menu select wipe data factory reset.

  7. Hello , I didnt get a result by this method but i used the power & volume up key and I went to a page with chinese options but when I touch them , they dont become selected . besides my tablet is stc s73

  8. hi,
    this reset may reset your settings re Google etc, but main Android ROM is geared up with false reporting software. Note in about tablet last line is ” custom version “.
    Any ideas how to obtain generic ROM and overwrite this cheap Chinese rubbish please?

    Using the FAKE device test .

    1. I got the same problem FAKE SPECS making tablet useless except for apps that don’t use beyond the actual installed ram & not the falsely reported amount that causes the OS to reset to first startup with no recent apps showing & loosing any unsaved progress.

  9. But how to coonnect adb driver because in pc the other portable device is show only G file no android name so how to do this

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