External Graphics Card for Laptop – eGPU Setup Guide 2018

External Graphics Card for Laptop

External Graphics Card for Laptop – eGPU Setup Guide 2018

Hey guys, welcome to our ultimate guide which will help you to Setup an External Graphics Card for Laptop. If you are tired by getting error messages after doing every installation of your new game and desiring to upgrade laptop’s graphics card. But its not possible right !! asking peoples and relatives they are saying “its not possible”. But this is just a old thought, we are living in a world where technology is growing day by day.

Now there is a device invented called EXP GDC Graphic Card Dock, which allows you to connect a desktop graphic card to your laptop to play heavy games on it. This item is exclusively available on a Chinese website banggood.com, which is popular for selling unique and cool gadgets all across the world. This is most trusted website for buying items, the are shipping items over 10 years.

The dock is comes in the price of $49 on banggood.com and it will completely change your laptop’s performance. This is useful for those laptop gamers who don’t want an another PC in there home, they just want to upgrade laptop’s GPU. The dock is profitable when your laptop have only the Intel HD graphics, you can just buy a cheap desktop GPU like GT 1030, Gtx 750ti, Gtx 980 or any used GPU from sites like OLX, Ebay.

In additional requirement you need a PSU also according to your GPU’s wattage capacity. For Example if you are using Gt 1030 or Gtx 750ti then you need a normal PSU of 450w. So the cost of the Dock, Graphics Card and PSU in US Dollar is around $49 + $75 + $20 = $144 for just this amount your laptop will transform into a gaming machine. People just love the Dock and its very cheap, you can now play games of your choices. Setup your eGPU today by Watching our Video and Instruction Below:

External Graphics Card for Laptop – Watch eGPU Video 🙂

What Items Do i Need to Setup External GPU for Laptop ??

You need the eGPU Dock, Graphics Card and a Power Supply Unit to setup External GPU. Buy the items below according to your Laptops compatibility and Budget. Use this coupon Code: PCNetwork and get 12% off on eGPU Dock.

Exp Gdc eGPU Dock comes in 5 different versions, Select one of them which is best suitable for your Laptop.
EXP GDC eGPU Dock - Mini PCI-E Version EXP GDC eGPU Dock - Mini PCI-E Version EXP GDC eGPU Dock - Mini PCI-E Version EXP GDC eGPU Dock - Mini PCI-E Version EXP GDC eGPU Dock - Mini PCI-E Version
[Mini PCI-E Version] [EXP Card Version] [NGFF Version] [MAC Version] [M.2 X4 Version]
Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now
Select a Graphics Card for Laptop which is best suitable for your Budget.
EXP GDC eGPU Dock - Mini PCI-E Version EXP GDC eGPU Dock - Mini PCI-E Version EXP GDC eGPU Dock - Mini PCI-E Version EXP GDC eGPU Dock - Mini PCI-E Version EXP GDC eGPU Dock - Mini PCI-E Version
[GT 710 2GB] [GT 1030 2GB] [GTX 750ti 2GB] [GTX 1060 6GB] [GTX 1080 8GB]
Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now
Select a Power Supply Unit according your Graphics Card Wattage capacity.
EXP GDC eGPU Dock - Mini PCI-E Version EXP GDC eGPU Dock - Mini PCI-E Version EXP GDC eGPU Dock - Mini PCI-E Version EXP GDC eGPU Dock - Mini PCI-E Version EXP GDC eGPU Dock - Mini PCI-E Version
[450 W PSU] [550 W PSU] [650 W PSU] [750 W PSU] [WiFi Adapter]
Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now

NOTE: If you are installing the EXP GDC Mini PCI-E version by replacing WiFi Card, in the order to play online games you can buy the USB WiFi Adapter from above link.

NOTE 2:  Gtx1050 & Gtx1050Ti are NOT quite compatible with the dock, not recommend used with it.

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How to Setup External Graphics Card for Laptop ??

The dock comes with a power connector and a Mini PCIE to HDMI Cable. In the order to setup eGPU you have to connect the cable into your Laptop’s Mini PCIE socket by replacing the WiFi LAN Card. Before doing this please uninstall the WiFi driver of your laptop. There are lots of laptops brands in the world, but in different laptops you will find the socket in the different area of it. In some laptop its just behind the laptop, you just have to open the access door but in other laptops you have find it your self.

Connecting eGPU Cable with Mini PCIe Slot

Example: Mini PCIe Slot Inside the Laptop.

According to your laptop you have to find that Mini PCIE slot and connect the eGPU cable into it. Its not too difficult you can do it by watching a disassembly video of your laptop’s model on YouTube or you can take a help of a computer technician or follow the instruction below.

Where i can find the Mini PCIE slot in Laptop ??

  • Behind the laptop, just open the access door with a screw driver.
  • Some time it will be behind the Laptop’s Hardisk , Try to figure out there.
  • Behind the Laptop’s keyboard, Open the screw of your keyboard from back.
  • If you cant found the slot yet, then open the whole Palm rest of your Laptop just like the video above.
  • If you don’t wanna take a risk to open your laptop then Find PCI Express slot in the Left side of your Laptop, if your laptop have then Buy The EXP GDC Pci Express Version eGPU Dock.

Once you find your Mini PCI-E Slot remove your WiFi LAN card and Plug the eGPU cable given with the dock. The laptop setup is done now its time to take out your PSU (Power Supply) and connect it with the power connector given with the dock just like the Video Below. Then Connect the end of the power connector (6-Pin) to the Dock and also connect the end of the eGPU cable (HDMI) to the dock.

So the dock setup is done, now insert your Graphic card in the dock. If your GPU needs some extra power then connect power it up with the PSU 6-Pin or 8-Pin Connector. Now Connect your PSU to the Electricity and plug the Laptop’s charger. The external gpu is ready, Turn On the laptop, Yeah !!

Important !! Before you boot the laptop you have to enter bios and disable built-in display or network card. This is most important, because you are installing the eGPU instead of WiFi LAN card. If you cannot disable your built-in display or network card then your graphic card will detect but it will not work. This will create an error 12 in your device manager. There are lots of Laptop models with different bios, how can you find what is to disable. Below is the list of settings which you have to do according to your laptops brand. Read this Official installation Guide for more info: http://bit.ly/2wVqcoK

What i have to disable in the BIOS ??

Find these settings in your laptop’s BIOS and disable it or change is as written below.

Lenovo & Acer : In BIOS Set Graphic Device -UMA  &  Graphic Mode – Integrated),  Or  in PXE Boot to LAN  (Network Boot) Disable it.

HP & DELL : In Boot Sequence – Untick Onboard NIC,  Or  in System Configuration – Disable Integrated NIC,  Or  in Power Management – Disable the Wake on LAN/WLAN.

THINKPAD: In BIOS -Config-Display-Graphics device-Intergrated graphics,  Or Disable OS Detection for NVIDIA Optimus.

 Alienware & Clevo: In BIOS Set Primary display – IGFX or PCI.

Common Laptops model installation configuration

THINKPAD T410/T420/T430  –  In Bios-DISPLAY-graphic device-INTEGRATED GRAPHICS,
Lenovo Y470/G470/Y480/G480  –  In Bios-GRAPHIC DEVICE -UMA, PXE BBOT TO LAN- disabled
Acer 4750G/4752G/5750G  –  In BIOS-GRAPHIC MODE-integrated, NETWORK BOOT- disabled
HP 8440P/8460P/8470P/envy 14 beats/cq45/ 2730P PTD-7S
HP CQ35-219TX Insert into system before Expresscard
Lenovo Z470 Close WIFI switch.

If you cant find the above options, please follow the following ways to disable.

Turn on your Laptop and go to Device Manager then expand the System devices, One by one, try to disable the “PCI” port, built-in alone disappeared. (Disable only the “PCI” port that is lost
to the built-in single display.)。As shown in Figure: (System differences, please try to disable PCI one by one)

disable the PCI port

Once you got succeed on disabling built-in display or network card exit the BIOS by saving new settings. Now you will see your graphics card will be detected by the windows, simply install your graphics driver. After installing drivers you have to restart your laptop, then in the next start right click on desktop and open “Nvidia Control Pannel” an go to Configure Surround and change your graphics card as default PhysX Processor then apply those settings. Now your Laptop is ready to play new games. Yeah !!

Is My Laptop model is supported by the dock ??

Support List: (The following model is our customer feedback to us that they use and without problem)

Lenovo W530 T520 W520 X220 X220T Z570 T420 Y460 Y560P T410 E420 X201 X201s Edge 14 T410s T400 T510 X201T X200 W500 T61p X61T T61 T60 T520 T420S y470 T420I Y480 G480 k580s E520 Y580 G500 E46A Y530 G510 Y400 G500 V460 Y560P y480n y480 E420 K29 B470 Z470 L421S L410K E420S G470 G450 z465 Y500 V370 G430 Z370 Y485 Y410 Pv1000 s410p y471a s230u V570 e420s Z500 V470 Y40 70 G710A T-ISEy430p S400S R1000 B5400 405S A8Y50 Z501 Z480 Z580 U310 K46A z380

Dell E6520 Vostro 3450 XPS15 L502 Studio 1557 E6220 M4500 E6420 E4300 Studio 1557 XPS 1645 E4310 M4600 Insp 1545 XPS 1340 E4300 XPS 1640 E6500 Insp 1420 XPS 1340 Vostro 1500 1440 Vostro v130XPS M1530 D830 M1330 Studio 1555 Insp 1520 Vostro 1310 E1505 Inspiron 1545 E6520 E6520 E6220 E5410 E4310 E641014 RM1210 4600M D630 E6420 6320N 4120N 5010 3421 N3010 7720 14R 4728 1520 14rd658 N411014 RD658 inspiron15-3521e 6320 7420 5537 xps1645 15r7520 7670 15R 4526 55477 730 14 R5420 M6600 7520 5537 4050 vostro 3300n 3420 L702 X3542 1558 15 75484 z-5423 E6230

HP 4530s 2560P 8460P 4330s 2540P 8440P DV4-2000 2530P 2740P 6930P 6930P 2730P HDX 9000 Pavilion DV4 DV9 690en CQ60 DV7 1267CL HDX16 HDX18 TTX22510P DV7-3020ED DV2000 dv2416U< S6910P NC6400 2133 4530s Hp8440 p14 beats G42 DV51220 TXN5110 8570P CQ35 – 219TX DV2804TX CQ45 CQ40 CQ42 285TX 8560P 2730p 4321s DV7 HP4431 8470P 2570P envy17 j120us HP6450B HP8470P cq15-102tx 2570P 8460P

Acer 5755G 3820T G5920 EX5620 Z5742 G6930 9525 5620 1810T Z5720 G1410 Ferrari One 4752 G4750 GE1-471 G5750 G5951 GE1-571 GV3-571 GV5 – 472G 4315 V5-471 Gv3772 g4738 G Acer 4745g E5-511 G5552g

Asus F8SA X42JR X59SL 1015PE M60J Y581C X81 x55v X450VB X450JS x450c N61JV x402ca U24 Er400 P53SJ n75sl n75s N61JQ N56 n55sf n53 k56c k55vd K53SV K52DR k45vs K43SM a55vd K42JB K40IP K40IN g73sw F83se A73S A55VM A53 a450j A43X A43s a42j k55vm k43SD G74SX N43sl n55sl k55vm A45 K56CB K43D K42kv X55X I237VD – SL VCN81VG X751L A53S A53SM a450jf

Sony Z21 VPC – Z11 VPC – Z13 VPC – Z12 VGN – FW45 Z46GD VGN – NS110e A27EC VPCC A36ECE A47EC B36EC Nw35eE A200C S138Vgn

Fujitsu AH531 T731 S6420 T901 T5010 U9200 AH56/Gnh532  MSI CX623 CR720 A6200-021US CR630 M610 GX640 GE60 Clevo M860TU M570RU  Sager NP2096 NP8662 NP5793   NEC Versa E6500  Toshiba R840 A665 L305 – S5921 L300 A505-6965 L300 L305 – S5921 M332 M780 L700 L650-02B L800 LG P300  Samsung R780 NP300E4A NP270E5J-K01CN r428 rv420

HASEE  A460-I7 K590C A560P K580P A430 K470 p460 PA550 k602c K590S K500D E400 K500C-i7 D1k660E A460p-i7 K480N  Tsinghua University u49f K41 HA14RM0C  Blue sky p170em   Haier 7g-2X5P  Gigabyte p15f V2    Fangzhengyihe a600

List of Laptops & GPUs Which I Tested Personally 🙂

  1. Laptop: Dell Inspiron n4010 , GPU: Asus ROG Strix GTX 1060 6GB [Tested Sep 27, 2017]
  2. Laptop: Dell Inspiron 1545 , GPU: Inno 3d GTX 750ti 2GB  [Tested Apr 13, 2018]

Note: I will soon test the dock in other laptops.

Enjoy gaming on laptop , if you want to play games in a external monitor just plug you monitor cable in one of your graphics card Port and as shown in the above video change your primary display to external monitor. Thanks for reading External Graphics Card for Laptop tutorial, hope you like it, Have a Wonderful Day.

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