How to Setup eGPU on Laptop (2020) – EXP GDC NGFF Version

How to Setup eGPU for Lenovo Laptop - NGGF Version

How to Setup eGPU for Lenovo Laptop – NGFF Version

Hello every buddy, Setup eGPU !! This is the topic which peoples are extremely searching for, to get the final answer how to successfully setup external graphics card on laptop. In this article i will clear all the doubt about eGPU , how to setup and what products you need. First talk about is this real ?? It works ?? Can i put a desktop graphics card on my laptop externally with eGPU dock ?? The answer is only one, Yes you can do it using Exp Gdc Laptop External Independent Video Card Dock. Its a Chinese device which works with a GPU and Power Supply (PSU), its easily available to buy on (Best Bang for your Luck) and it comes in 5 different versions for different types of laptop.

This article is based on Lenovo laptop, but its also helpful for other laptop’s brand. There is only a little difference in the installation process for other laptops. I am using Lenovo G50-70 laptop for an example, you can do same with your ones. First see how to find your laptop is compatible for the eGPU setup, find the following things:

Step 1: Turn on your laptop and open BIOS settings. (Bios key for Lenovo Laptops are “NOVO Button” or FN + F2)

Step 2: In the Bios find these options, Graphic Device – UMA, Graphic Mode-Integrated, PXE Boot to LAN or Network Boot. If one of these option is available inside the bios then your laptop is easily ready for eGPU setup. Just needed to disable these settings in the bios.

Disable PXE BOOT to LAN

Step 3: If these options are not available in bios, then you have to go with the hard way. You need to use a software called DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) to avoid hardware conflicts.

Step 4: Done with the Bios ! Now you need to disassemble your laptop to find WiFi LAN card inside your laptop. (This is on your luck, some times you will find it by just opening the access door / back door of laptop. Some time its below the laptop keyboard or some times you have to open the whole laptop to find the LAN card.)

Step 5: Once you find the Wifi LAN card, now match the card with the following image:

Types of Wifi LAN CARD

Step 6: If your LAN card looks like any of above, then you can order (Buy) the same version of  EXP GDC Dock online. Some Laptop have other options too, such as Express Card slot, M.2 Slot you can check all of those versions and their prices from below:

Exp Gdc eGPU Dock different versions, Select one of them which is best suitable for your Laptop.
EXP GDC eGPU Dock - Mini PCI-E Version EXP GDC eGPU Dock - Mini PCI-E Version EXP GDC eGPU Dock - Mini PCI-E Version
[NGFF Version] [Mini PCI-E Version] [EXP Card Version]
Check Price

Amazon Link

Check Price Check Price

Congratulation !! You got huge discount exclusively from , Use this Coupon Code: PCNetwork to get 12% off on Mini PCI-E Dock and use Coupon Code: a43312 to get 15% off on NGFF Version dock.

Which Graphics Card should i use for eGPU ??

There are bunch of different Graphics Card (GPU) available on market, they are made to used in  Desktop computers. Using them as eGPU using Exp Gdc dock, you need to have attention at this point. Some GPU are not quite compatible with the dock (Specially 10 Series GPU). I will leave a list of supported GPU below both NVIDIA and AMD, but don’t trust them they works differently in different laptops. In my experience i installed Asus ROG GTX 1060 6GB GPU on Dell Inspiron n4010, it worked well here is the Dell eGPU Video. But same Card did not worked in my Lenovo G50-70 Laptop, Yes this is truth. So i tried GTX 760 2GB in Lenovo laptop and i got success, find that video some where below in this article. I am putting some graphics card links which i trust the most:

Select a Graphics Card for Laptop which is best suitable for your Budget.
EXP GDC eGPU Dock - Mini PCI-E Version EXP GDC eGPU Dock - Mini PCI-E Version EXP GDC eGPU Dock - Mini PCI-E Version
[GT 710 2GB] [GTX 750ti 2GB] [GTX 1060 6GB]
Check Price Check Price Check Price

Here are some list of graphics card recommended officially

Nvidia Graphics Cards: GTX650 GT740 GTX650Ti GTX750 GTX750Ti GTX650Ti BOOST GTX660 GTX660Ti GTX760 GTX670 GTX680 GTX770 GTX780 GTX970 GTX Titan, GTX780Ti, Titan Black GTX980 GTX690 GTX Titan Z, GTX980 2SLI, GTX980 3SLI, GTX980 4SLI

AMD Graphics Cards: R7 250 HD7750 HD7770, R7-260X, HD7850 R9-270 HD7870 R9-270X HD7950 R9-280 R9-285 HD7950-B HD7970 R9-280X HD7950-B R9-290 R9-290X HD7990 R9-295X2

Special Tip: You can also search OLD / USED graphics card at ebay, Check out now:

What about Bottleneck ?? Check yours Now:

Warning: It is NOT compatible with GT1030, GTX1050, GTX1050TI, GTX1060TI, GTX1070TI, GTX1080TI.

Which Power Supply Do i Use for eGPU ??

To run a single Graphics card we don’t need any powerful PSU like we use in gaming desktop , the official recommended PSU is starts with 250W. But i will recommend at least 450w of any brand, you can go for the cheap one or the expensive one doesn’t matter to run a single GPU. But if you are using a high end GPU which have extra supplementary socket (6 x 2 or 8 x 2) then you have to take care while buying a PSU, make sure it have those extra PCI connectors. I used a cheap PSU which costs around $17 (USD) / 1200 (INR) and it have those connectors, see images below:

GPU Extra Suplimentry Power Socket

This Graphics Card have 2 Extra Supplementary Power Socket

Extra Power Connectors

This PSU have 8 x 2 (6 x 2 Convertable) Power Connectors


So you need an EXP GDC eGPU Dock, Graphics card and a Power supply to complete the setup. These 3 items are mandatory for the setup, in secondary you may be need a WiFi USB adapter because dock will be connected to the laptop instead of the WiFi LAN card. One wireless mouse keyboard also useful to this setup to get the desktop feel.

Select a Power Supply Unit according your Graphics Card Wattage capacity.
Corsair VS450 PSU for eGPU Wifi Adapter Logitech Wireless Mouse keyboard
[Corsair 450W PSU] [WiFi Adapter]

[Wireless Mouse kbd]

Check Price Check Price

Check Price

EXP GDC eGPU Setup on Lenovo Laptop (NGFF Version)

Once you collected all the required items, now you have to put those items on a table. Make sure you have good electricity, otherwise use a UPS or Inverter. OK, you are ready for the eGPU setup follow the steps below:

Step 1: Turn on your laptop and download the graphic card driver which you are going to use in this setup.

Step 2: Go to your laptop’s bios setup and Disable PXE BOOT to LAN in Boot tab. (For Lenovo Laptop)

Step 3: Remove your laptop’s battery and open the back door to find the WiFi LAN card.

WiFi LAN card Unplugged

This is a NGFF LAN card of Lenovo G50-70

Step 4: Once you found it unplug it using a screw driver, cover the WiFi wires with tape for safety purpose.

Step 5: Plug the HDMI to NGFF cable to the laptop instead of the LAN card and tight it with screw.

Plug The eGPU Cable

Step 6: Now try to adjust the Back door of laptop to way out the wire or just make a small hole if you can, otherwise leave the back door just put the laptop straight on table.

Close the back door of the laptop

Step 7: Laptop’s hardware setup done, Now plug the battery.

Step 8: Lets setup the eGPU dock with Power supply Unit (PSU).

Power setup of eGPU dock

Step 9: Take out the power connector given with the dock, plug the 24 pin connector and 4 pin CPU connector as shown in the below images:

Plug the 24 pin connector

24 Pin Connector

Plug the 4 pin CPU connector

4 Pin CPU Connector

Power setup of eGPU dock Finished

Power setup of eGPU dock Finished

Step 10: Plug the power Connector to the eGPU dock and eGPU cable from the laptop.

Power Cable and egpu cable

Step 11: Insert the Graphics card to the dock and plug the extra power connector if your GPU needed.

Plug the Graphics Card on eGpu Dock

Plug the extra power connector to the GPU

Step 12: the setup is almost ready, just plug the laptop’s charger to laptop and Power cable to the PSU.

Power Up the Setup

Step 13: Now turn on your laptop (The Graphics card will turn on automatically with the laptop)

Turn on The Laptop

Step 14: Open device manager and find the Graphics card is detected or not, Install the Graphics card driver then.

Install Graphics Card driver

Step 15: Congratulations !! Setup is completed now in the NVIDIA control panel select NVIDIA GPU as preferred GPU (if driver is installed and you are not seeing the NVIDIA control panel that means you need a external monitor, its depends on the GPU you are using) Now install some games and enjoy the gaming.

Useful Tip: Use WiFi USB adapter or LAN wire to play online games like PUBG or Fortnite 🙂

External Graphics Card on a Laptop for CHEAP – Video Guide

Thank you for reading and watching my eGPU setup guide, hope you learned so much in this tutorial. All the required item’s link are mention above, buy them and enjoy your gaming life. If you still have any questions let me know in the comment section. Have a good day 🙂

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