4 best AGM Global Vision Thermal Monocular [2021]

4 best AGM Global Vision Thermal Monocular [2021] 2

A thermal monocular is a gadget that detects heat radiation from a body to form an image. In thermal imaging, different colors determine the heat intensity (temperature) of a body. Lighter colors represent higher temperatures, while dark colors represent cooler temperatures. Thermal scopes can detect animals and human bodies even if they camouflage themselves.

Although you can use it for nighttime, these are not to be confused with night vision gadgets. Thermal scopes do not require visible light for an image. You can use them during the day or night. Night vision gadgets, on the other hand, need some visible light for imaging. At night natural light sources, such as the moon and stars, provide some ambient light. You cannot use night vision scopes during the day as it can damage them.

There are various applications of thermal monocular. Apart from its usage in security and surveillance, these are also for hunting animals. Moreover, thermal monoculars are for inspection of homes for any leakage of air from vents.
In the market, you will find various thermal monoculars based on the resolution of the image, price, range, and other factors.

Top 4 AGM Global Vision Thermal Monocular

AGM Global Vision Thermal Monocular capture is sensitive to even the slightest temperature changes in the environment. Moreover, these monoculars allow you to capture the images and even record a video. You can do this by connecting the monocular (through Wi-Fi) to your phone.

Here are the four popular thermal monoculars by AGM Global Vision:

1: AGM ASP-Micro TM160 Thermal Monocular

AGM ASP-Micro TM160

The thermal monocular is for short-range. It also features a high sensitivity detector with a built-in battery. It also connects to Wi-Fi and has a USB port as well. The monocular has a resolution of 160×120. It also has more than 7 hours of battery. You can also mount it onto a tripod. The TM160 costs $419.

2: AGM ASP TM75-366 Thermal Monocular

AGM ASP TM75-366 Thermal Monocular

This one has an adjustable eyepiece. It also comes with a wireless remote. In addition to this, it has two lithium batteries that can be charged through a micro-USB cable. The monocular offers a resolution of 336 x 256. The TM75-366 cost $5228.

3: AGM Protector TH50-384 Thermal Monocular

AGM Protector TH50-384

The TH50-384 monocular costs about $3359. The resolution of the thermal sensor is 384 x 288. The resolution of its display is 1024 x 786. The device also displays the distance from the object being monitored. At a battery life of five hours, its battery life is less than other monoculars. However, it is a high-performance device and offers clear and crisp images.

4: AGM ASP TM25-640 Thermal Monocular

AGM ASP TM25-640

The TM25-640 is a high-end thermal monocular, which costs about $4,816. This monocular offers the highest resolution: 640 x 512. Its performance is unparalleled, and its price is market competitive. Moreover, it is light-weight and has a Wi-Fi module (for connection with a smartphone). However, it only offers short-range thermal imaging.


When buying this device, you need to determine several factors. Aside from the cost of the monocular, consider its robustness. Moreover, the resolution is also an important factor to consider when buying this device. The higher the resolution, the crisper the image.

AGM Asp Micro TM160 | Thermal Monocular (Video REVIEW)

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