What is 5G ?? How to Test Internet Speed (3 Methods)

What is 5G How to Test Internet Speed (3 Methods)

Before making you aware of how you can check the internet speed, I will be telling you some common things about 5G. I include certain things like what is 5G, benefits of 5G.

What is 5G?

5G is a fifth-generation mobile network that is a new global wireless standard. It enables a new type of computer network that was brought into existence to connect everyone and everything virtually, including machines, objects, and devices.

It is the fifth generation that is set, in time, to replace the 4G cellular technology our mobile devices and computers currently operate on. This next-generation brags evaluation mobile speeds of more than 10 gigabits per second exactly a hundred times faster than current 4G speeds, and inactivity, the span between command and response, which is even lesser than milliseconds.

This implies that mobile phone and computer users will be able to download length HD videos or movies in few seconds and enjoy videos and virtual reality without facing the problem of buffering. Also, there is one exciting thing that 5-G might bring our dream of 1970 of science fiction a reality by allowing us to make the holographic calls really soon.

Benefits of 5G

There are many benefits of 5G, but I am gonna tell you the top three benefits of 5G:

Connected Vehicles: 5G comes with unparallel speed and connectivity; these are the kind that is required to make autonomous or self-driving cars a reality. 5G networks have all the required features to make data processing between vehicles, networks, and even infrastructure. In simpler words, we can understand that the 5G network will be facilitating communication between everything on the road, which includes communication between lampposts to the gas station, in the interest of safety and traffic management.

Smartphones:  Drastic changes are on the verge of smartphones, and 5G will be becoming a norm in no time soon. The biggest advantage of 5G over 4G for users is that there will be better coverage, which means signals will hit really fast to the places where it was hard-to-reach when the users were using 4G to the place where the connection is guaranteed as a part of the service plan. The subscribers will also get quality like never before on their devices, and also the downloads will be done without any delay.

Education system: Now education is no more stay behind in the technology world. In schools & colleges, teachers can connect with millions of students through devices without and delay or connectivity issues. It will be possible in the 5G network. It means now using AR, VR is going to be very easy and convenient. During presentation & online lectures, a good internet connection is mandatory. And 5G technology will keep away the slowness of the internet to keep education ahead in the technology era.

Streaming on 5G Internet

Streaming and Entertainment: 5G offers us an advantage over the previous technologies, with unlimited virtual and short-lag time. In addition to better quality and fast streaming, 5G promises revolutionary immersive experiences, including multisensory digital content, a big thanks to the technology advancement that supports virtual reality, augmented reality, and 3-dimension.

After getting all the knowledge about the 5G technology, I will now tell you how to check the internet speed. It is a really easy-peasy task if you perform all the steps carefully.

Method 1: Running an Internet Speed Test Online

Open a Google Search Page either on your device or your system and then go to the website https://www.speedcheck.org. This will bring you to the page Internet Speed Test window.

Speed Test by Speedcheck - Test your 5g internet speed
  • You can use this method on any of your devices.
  • This method will use Google’s built-in internet speed testing or you can also use an alternative testing tool as I have mentioned of above.

Step 1: Click on Run Speed Test. It is a blue-colored button that is at the bottom-right corner of this panel.

Step 2: Wait for the speed test to complete. Google will measure the Internet’s connection, upload and download speed, and also latency.

Step 3: Google will analyze these test results. Google will also analyze other things rather than verifying whether our Internet qualifies for fast or slow. The other things include:

  • Mbps Download
  • Mbps Upload
  • Latency

Method 2: Checking Internet Speed on Windows

1. Make sure your computer is connected to the router. If you are going to follow this method, and you are going to check the internet speed from the computer’s settings then you must connect your computer to your router through Ethernet cables.

2. Click on Start.

3. Click on the Settings button.

4. Then from the settings, click on Network and Internet.

5. Click on Ethernet. Doing this will open your ethernet settings.

6. Click on Change Adapter Options.

7. Double click on Ethernet Options.

8. Analyze the Speed value.

Method 3: Troubleshooting

1. Change your connection to a wired connection- If your wireless connection is having a significant lag, then you can switch to a wired connection in order to increase the speed of your internet.

2. Restart your Wi-Fi access point- At times, routers and other devices that can access wi-fi may have to be restarted if you have to fix any issue that can be caused by the broken connection.

3. Connect to other networks- You should first make sure that the problem is the network or the device. For checking that you can connect your device to another network and then check that network’s speed.

4. Run a malware scan- At times, the slow internet speed could be because of malware in the system. To get rid of this, install an antivirus program that has a malware scanner in it.

Smartphones with 5G Network Support

To get access to 5G technology, you should have a 5G mobile. So I am gonna mention some of the mobiles which have 5G technology-

  1. Apple iPhone 12
  2. One Plus 8 Pro
  3. Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra
  4. Xiaomi MI 10
  5. One Plus Nord

What is 5G: Explained (Watch Video)

Thanks for reading our article on 5G and how to test internet speed, hope you got your point. If you still have questions let me know in the comment section. Have a nice day 🙂

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