Best Keylogger for Android Mobile (Free to Download)

Best Keylogger for Android Mobile (Free to Download)

Best Keylogger for Android Mobile (Free to Download)

Searching for the best keylogger for android mobile? First, understand what is it “KEY-LOGGER”? Key-logger is an app that helps you to track and record your keyboards. Key-logger technology is used in major industries for software as well as hardware.

Although is also dangerous if this will fall into hacker’s hands. Your personal and confidential information like username and passwords are mostly entered in the keyboard which may be used by these fraudulent elements.


  1. Call data and recording
  2. Location
  3. Monitoring text messages
  4. Stealth
  5. Front camera photos
  6. Changing the SIM card
  7. 5 devices in one free account
  8. Internet activity
  9. Strong Password Protected
  10. Keystroke monitor
  11. Log for each app separately
  12. Easy to use


keylogger apps

  1. Degree of consent: Is the keylogger used with clear-and-direct consent, permission hidden in an obscure language in terms of service, or no permission at all?
  2. Goals of the keystroke logging: Is the keylogger being used to steal a user’s data for criminal uses, such as identity theft or stalking?
  3. Ownership of the product being monitored: Is the keylogger being used by the device owner or product manufacturer to monitor its use?
  4. Location-based laws on keylogger use: Is the keylogger being used with intent and consent in accordance with all governing laws?
  5. Parental control: Parents can track what their children do on the Internet, and can opt to be notified if there are any attempts to access websites containing adult or otherwise inappropriate content.
  6. Jealous spouses or partners can use a keylogger to track the actions of their better half on the Internet if they suspect them of “virtual cheating”.
  7. Company security: tracking the use of computers for non-work-related purposes, or the use of workstations after hours.
  8. Company security: using keyloggers to track the input of keywords and phrases associated with commercial information which could damage the company (materially or otherwise) if disclosed.
  9. Other security (e.g. law enforcement): using keylogger records to analyze and track incidents linked to the use of personal computers.

Today’s era people need to store keystrokes that happened on their mobile. A Key-logger application is the best solution for you. It’s easy to use and store every record that came on your android.

Best Key-loggers:


FlexiSPY keylogger

FlexiSPY is one of the most advanced spy phone apps in the world. It is one of the best spying apps to monitor kids, couples, and employees. FlexiSPY is an all-rounder app. In fact, it has the best keylogger for Android from all the tracking apps.

Keystrokes will be visible from all the social media apps that your partner uses like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, or Snapchat.

In the case of kids and teens, the searches made on the browser need to be checked by the parents and this needs to be done frequently. The app extracts all the keystrokes performed on various browsers. You can even see what does the target person likes to buy on various shopping sites.

Even the calculations done on the calculator can be seen.

It’s not cheap, however, the FlexiSPY Extreme starts at $199.


  1. Key-logger. Every keystroke typed on the target phone is captured. You’ll be able to see every username and password.
  2. Track GPS location. It uses GPS to track the phone’s location. You can view their location history on a map, and track their current location in real-time.
  3. Keyword Alerts. You can set up text or email alerts that will notify you if the phone sends or receives messages with certain words.
  4. Take Screenshots. You can remotely take screenshots of the apps they use.


  1. It is unable to block numbers.
  2. There is no remote wipe feature.


iKeyMonitor keylogger

iKeyMonitor is an easy-to-use and powerful parental control app for Android. It allows you to monitor text messages, calls, websites visited, current GPS location, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, WeChat, and much more.


  1. Keyword notification: send alerts periodically and capture screenshots when keywords are triggered
  2. Access: contacts, calendars, reminders, browser bookmarks, web history in Google Chrome, Safari, and Android stock browser
  3. Logging: SMS, text messages in Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Snapchat, call history, GPS location
  4. Recording: surrounding, calls, and voice messages
  5. Remote control: block apps and games with specified rules, such as allowing the maximum daily usage time, blocking apps during a specific period, blocking apps all the time and unblock temporarily.


  1. Errors in the localization
  2. A little confusing control panel
  3. High price




Cocospy is a leading spy app and parental control utility. The spy app space is really overcrowded. the solution is really simple enough if you go deeper into an app’s specifications.

The app is web-based in design which means that using this app is just like using your web browser. Not the best keylogger for android mobile but still affective.


  1. Read messages: You can read your target’s incoming and outgoing text messages. For iOS devices, Cocospy can also read iMessages. Also, note that Cocospy can also retrieve deleted messages for you.
  2. Check call logs: Who does your target call most often? Cocospy shows you their detailed call logs, with timestamps and contact information. A list of 5 most-popular callers is also shown to you.
  3. View media files: What kind of videos, pictures, and audio clips does the target phone contain? Is the user exchanging media files with their contacts? Cocospy can retrieve this information for you.
  4. See browser history: You can see the target device’s browser history. This includes visited websites, mini website descriptions, timestamps, and most visited websites. If your child is visiting an inappropriate website, you can block access.
  5. Track locations: Cocospy works with the device’s in-built GPS to bring you the device’s exact location. You can also view the device’s location history and get information like addresses and geographical coordinates.
  6. View calendar events: Does the device owner have any special plans for the future, like a business meeting or a travel date? Cocospy can show you all calendar entries.
  7. See SIM card info: You can view the SIM card details. Cocospy retrieves the network carrier information, the IMEI number, and other relevant details. You can sign up to receive a notification if the user changes their number.
  8. Check the contact book: Cocospy gives you a sneak-peek at the target’s contact book. You can view contact names, display pictures, phone numbers, addresses, job info, and much more.


  1. Requires root for tracking some apps like Messenger and Snapchat.
  2. No free trial is offered.
  3. No call recording feature.
  4. No, take screenshots feature.

Prevent Keystroke Logging


  1. Always read your terms of service or any contracts before accepting.
  2. Install internet security software on all your devices.
  3. Make sure your security programs are updated on the latest threats.
  4. Don’t leave your mobile and computer devices unsupervised.
  5. Keep all other device software updated.
  6. Do not use unfamiliar USB drives or external hard drives.

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Thank you for learning about Best Keylogger for Android devices, hope I served well and it’s useful to you. If you have any questions, feel free to use the comment section. Take care, stay safe and have a good day 🙂

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