Why & When You Should Use Personal Letterhead Samples

Use Personal Letterhead Samples

Personal Letterhead Samples – Why & When

Whenever you need to write a document, you might take a moment to look for the most elegant and charming ways to personalize it. Personal branding is already familiar even for those who only plan to send an invitation to a family event. Meanwhile, there are so many personal letterhead samples to choose from.

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Would the personal letterhead be an option for your document? The answer is simple. If you’re looking to add a personal touch with an impressive design, and yet include a bit of information aside from the content, then yes. There are reasons why personal letterheads have survived the old ages and became the digital header we all know. Let’s investigate more about what the personal letterhead has to offer and how to use it.


What is the Personal Letterhead?

The personal letterhead is responsible for adding an extra touch to the document you plan to send out. It’s placed above the content, in a visible and separate section. Back in the days, the personal letterhead was a confirmation of the author’s identity. However, they are now excellent vintage accessories.

In terms of personal or business branding, letterheads might include a logo and information about your company/startup or campaign. You can check these samples to see more of what the personal letterhead can or should contain. The most common ones are contact details – company/your name, phone number, post, and email address.

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If you plan to send out a formal but personal letter, the letterhead might send out a message regarding the event or announcement you make. For example, if you organize a child baptism with a concept, feel free to express it through personal letterhead.

Digitalization has turned letterheads into office stationery or files that personalize official documents. However, they mostly have the same design that applies to specific materials. Personal letterheads now are more adjustable. That’s why you should consider samples that can visually describe your event or purpose, instead of picking a format that defines you and remains the same throughout the years.

Why Use a Personal Letterhead Sample?

  1. Inspiration implies information. Regardless of your purpose, the letterhead can look in various ways. However, it may sometimes go further and inspire you to add color or extra design elements to the document.
  2. Visual balance matters. Samples usually come with generic content and provide you with an overall look at the paper. This stage helps you prevent visually overloading the document or adding too little information next to the text.
  3. Your writing style sets the sample. It may come hard to choose between more personal letterhead samples. However, you can quickly narrow down the list by focusing on the writing style you plan to use and the character of the letter. You cannot use a baby drawing when sending an official message. Yet, you may include an event motto or even logo based on your storyline.
  4. There’s more room for writing. Some letterhead samples provide you with a place to add contact details. Such an option can save you a few rows of writing inside the text. By replacing an address with see above, you also draw extra attention to the letterhead.
  5. Samples are accessible. In fact, you can find a personal letterhead sample online, usually with a free download option. They require no budget. Moreover, you don’t need to contract any design service to use an example.

When to Use Personal Letterhead Samples

  1. Family events: You can use the sample whenever you plan to send out an invitation, an event schedule, or a thank you note. The letterhead can emphasize your event’s concept or visually define you. Its primary purpose is to generate a reaction and provide extra information informally and playfully.
  2. An offer of services or products: If you own a small company or promote a business, personal letterheads add a personal touch to an offer. When focusing on your name as an expert in an industry, you trigger credibility and a personal guarantee of your products or services.
  3. Collaboration proposal: If you’re a blogger, vlogger, or influencer and plan an online campaign, consider using a personal letterhead. The samples you find may inspire you towards comprising the document. Also, they create a visual connection between your brand and the company you target.
  4. Employment cover letter: The cover letter remains mandatory even if most employers don’t require it anymore. Personal letterheads look professional and show an additional effort you put into communicating with the employer.
  5. Press release: If you organize a fundraiser or event, you can send out press releases to local publications. The personal letterhead compiles the information journalists need to contact you and visually increase the importance of your message.

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Wrapping Up

If you plan to look for a personal letterhead sample, include it in your research work when compiling the document, you need to send out. Even if it’s a digital paper or a written letter in the discussion, such visual elements come with an extra sparkle.

The personal letterhead can look standard and straightforward, business, vintage, informal, and playful. They should mainly symbolize your personality and the character of your message. Samples may be your sources of inspiration or even tools that save you from demanding design work. In the end, your letter readers will notice the section and remember the information you include.

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