Best Cooling Pads for laptop & why it’s very Important

Best Cooling Pads for laptop & why it’s very Important

Cooling Pads for laptop & why it’s Important

Temperature is one of the main problems of laptops (Especially gaming laptops). The little space available inside them for air circulation tends to cause over-heating. If you are using your laptop for many hours in a row you will need a cooling pad so that it can be effective.

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In order to protect your device from the heat, we will recommend a few cooling pads from different brands with different features so you can choose the one you like the most.

Let’s start with the ones from the brand Cooler Master, a specialist in coolers and fans. It has a wide range of cooling pads from which we will be mentioning the Notepal L1 and U3 models.

The Notepal L1 is compatible with devices from 7” up to 17”. Thanks to its 160mm fan it reaches a great cooling level of 70CFM with a sound level of only 21dBa. This base gets connected to the computer or to a charger with a USB. Also, to make the usage of the device more comfortable, the base has a slight back inclination that makes typing easier.

On the other hand, the Notepal U3 has a bigger capacity, it works with devices from 17” up to 19”. In terms of cooling, the U3 is manufactured with aluminum to enhance the dissipation of heat and reducing the weight at the same time. It has 3 fans of 80mm with 22CFM of power each and a customizable design: the fans and USB port can be set in different positions. Finally, a curious detail of this base is that it has space to put the laptop so you can move them both together anywhere.

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Now, switching to another brand, we will talk about Zalman, experts in cooling for any kind of device. From Zalman, we’ll be talking about the NS2000 and NC3000S models.

The NS2000 is made from aluminum and plastic in order to enhance its durability and performance and it is compatible with devices of up to 17”. Its system is built with a fan of 200mm with an adjustable speed between 470RPM and 610 RPM and a maximum sound level of 20dBA. Another detail of this base is that its angle of inclination can be adjusted to 4 different levels of 7,5º, 20º, 30º and 45º.

The NC3000S has a more elegant look and can cool down devices from 12” up to 17” thanks to its 220mm fan with adjustable turn-speed between 620RPM and 720RPM and sound level of 17 up to 23Dba. The height of this base is also adjustable to reduce fatigue on the wrists.

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We should also mention another two important brands, firstly, Xilence with its M200. This is a very affordable base for laptops of up to 15”. It has a 140mm fan with a 1000RPM speed that creates an air flow of 47.35CFM at a 21dBa sound level.

Last but not least, there are the Lepa bases from which we will mention the V17. A very elegant cooler with led lighting at a great price. It is compatible with laptops up to 17” and has a 140mm powerful fan with blue leds that will give your device a modern and futuristic look. This light can also be turned off if you wish. The ventilation power can be adjusted to fit the device’s needs, between 800 and 1300RPM.

With these cooling pads, you won’t have any excuse not to protect your device. By using them, you can extend the life of your device for a very reasonable price. There is a wide range of models with different characteristics that will definitely adapt to your economic and technical needs. Don’t let your laptop be in danger of over-heating.

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  1. My laptop is literally reaching 90C, now I am planning to buy one of these cooling pads. Well, thank you so much for updating me with this great post!

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