How to Restore a Water Damaged Laptop (from Dead)

How to Restore a Water Damaged Laptop (from Dead)

How to Restore a Water Damaged Laptop (from Dead)

Okay, so just imagine you are working and you spill water or coffee on your laptop. And now it has stopped working, What would you do? You know this is a mistake any person could do. But no need to panic, we are here for you with this blog which can help you in such situations. To restore a water damaged laptop follow these steps.

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Now, the very first step is to power off the laptop, unplug it if it is plugged. Remove the battery if you have a removable battery. Press the power button until the system gets switched off. Every second is very important at this moment of time.

Done everything?

Now are you back with us? Now here are the actions you need to take ahead!

Step 1: Remove all the detachable devices. Unplug your mouse or any cable and remove all the flash drives or DVD’s if connected. Leave your laptop bare.

Step 2: Dry the surface of your machine. Open your laptop as so much because it goes, hold it upside down to let any accumulated liquid drain out, and wipe dry any wet surfaces that you just see with a towel or another lint-free absorbent material. Clean it especially from places like near the keyboard, vents, or port. Then keep the laptop upside down on a towel for a long time you can keep.

keep the laptop upside down


  • Do not use a hairdryer as it cause a static problem.
  • Do not put rice on the laptop, this legend solution might work for mobile but it will not work for laptops.

Step 3: At now, we tend to suggest you are taking advantage of the assurance if it’s still applicable, or take your machine to a shop. If your whole incorporates a selected repair store (like Apple), offer them a decision or bring it in. Otherwise, search for native repair stores that focus on your laptop computer whole.

The type of liquid spilled matters: Water is that the least caustic, whereas sweetened and alcoholic liquids, are each additional conductive and additional corrosive and that they will quickly cause permanent harm. Either way, the goal is to mitigate their effects the maximum amount as attainable by drying the PC directly. If you don’t need to own an expert take a glance at it for you, though, there are some additional steps you’ll be able to want attempt to dry your machine out. However, it ought to be noted that neither Digital Trends nor the author is to blame for any harm caused to your laptop from taking it apart.

Break It Down (disassemble the laptop)

disassemble your laptop

While the method of gap up and removing elements from earlier laptops was simple, that’s not the case with modern laptops. we tend to wouldn’t suggest AN attempt (attempting) to require something apart unless you have got an older portable computer model that’s not chiefly passed along. That said, here are some steps you’ll be able to try if your portable computer permits it.

Step 1: If you haven’t already, and your laptop computer permits it, take away the battery. Battery removal is often accomplished by pressing a switch or button on the bottom of your laptop.

Step 2: If you’re involved concerning liquid leaky through to the total system — to parts like your memory and storage drive — you’ll take away those, too. On some laptops, you’ll notice panels that allow their removal on the bottom. In most cases, however, you’ll use a Phillips or Torx screwdriver to get rid of them. With the memory, press the aspect clips to eject every stick. With the solid-state drive or drive, you’ll seemingly undo additional screws to free it from the frame. take care to fastidiously detach it from the facility and knowledge association ports or cables.

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Step 3: Examine every element you’ve removed to envision for any sign of status or corrosion. Any wet components ought to be dried, however, if the liquid is something apart from water, wipe it off employing a clean toothbrush swaybacked in ninety-nine alcohol — this can dissolve substance while not inflicting harm and evaporate while not going a residue.

Step 4: Once everything is clean and examined, and you’re positive you’ve brushed away any signs of corrosion, leave everything alone to dry for 2 to a few days during a heat, dry area. a friend can hasten the drying method. don’t use a hairdryer, as this might cause static issues. Once you’ve picked your machine apart and given the parts time to dry, you’ll follow the directions in reverse to place your laptop computer back along and see if it works.

Hopefully, all are going to be well, but if not, take it to a repair center.

If your laptop cannot be taken apart (can’t disassemble!)

if you cant disassemble your laptop

What if you’ve got a Surface Book three, Mac Book, or the other laptop computer that you just cannot take apart or maybe take away the battery? this case drastically reduces your choices, thus you’ll need to take it to a repair center ASAP.

Between the time that liquid spilled on your keyboard and therefore the time that you just take it to the shop, here’s what you’ll do: Hold your machine the other way up, wiping dry any visible status with a towel.

Then, lay it down on a dry surface, and provides your laptop computer a lot of|the maximum amount} ventilation as doable — it should not facilitate much, however, it’s higher than nothing whereas you await a repair store appointment.

Some individuals advocate golf shot your laptop computer in an exceedingly huge bag of rice, associate degree often-repeated piece of recommendation with many substantial issues. First, absorbent material like rice isn’t nearly as helpful once handling liquids that have sugars, alcohols, or alternative substances besides water. Second, rice doesn’t expeditiously absorb deep in your laptop computer, wherever issues are caused (remember, most harm from spills happens within the 1st many seconds when the spill itself). Third, the majority of rice has variant microscopic flakes of dirt that will get within your laptop computer and make even additional problems.

If you fully cannot visit a repair store, then you need to let your laptop computer ventilate and dry out for a minimum of every day or 2 before you are attempting to turn it back on yourself. If you decide to flip a laptop computer back on the time when a spill, you’re enticing disaster — doing this will cause a vast short and ruin your PC.

Waterproofing Options (save your laptop from the liquid)

Waterproofing Laptop

To safeguard your laptop computer within the future, we tend to advocate finance during a Key Cover Siloxane keyboard cowl. Or, you’ll be able to get a full shell for the highest and bottom of your laptop computer, if you like. You’ll be able to additionally carry your laptop computer around during a nice laptop computer bag. use caution to not cowl any ventilation holes, however, and use scissors to chop the skin if necessary to make sure that your ventilation holes are left free.

Perhaps you’re employed in associate surroundings wherever spills and wet issues are simply a lot of frequent and more durable to avoid. during this case, you will wish to seem for a rough laptop computer options} a sealed keyboard and extra features for a lot of strong protection.

So here I am gonna share a video with you so that you can see the live demo of how to do it?

    How to Restore a Water Damaged Laptop (Video Tutorial)

    Congratulation! Now you can also fix your laptop when you have spilled water on it.

    Thanks for reading our article on How to Restore a Water Damaged Laptop, I hope I was able to help you with the guidance properly. For any kind of queries/opinions, you can mention it in the comment section. Thank you, have a nice day 🙂

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