Software you must Install on New Laptop (Windows)

Software you must have on your New Laptop (Windows)

The software you must have on your New Laptop

As you all know, College students have enough expenses so definitely software shouldn’t be one of them. Some companies have responded with lots of free software. For some, you need an email address but for some you need nothing. So you are in the right place, here we discuss all the software students must have on their laptop with windows 10 in 2020.

Windows is a highly used operating system with lots of market share.

  • Firefox:- First and most important software that all students must have when he/she buy a new laptop with windows 10 installed on it.

Firefox is faster, smoother, and blocks popups, unlike any other browser. Some of the features of this browser include tabbed browsing, spell checking, incremental search, smart bookmarking, download manager, private browsing. It has the capability to make easier every work of the student. Moreover, it has a feature of smart screenshot which probably Google chrome and internet explorer don’t have. Some amazing plug-ins are also there to make the experience better of each and every person using it, especially students.

Download Mozilla Firefox.

  • Thunderbird:-   Second most essential software to be installed on every student laptop is a thunderbird. Thunderbird is both free and respects freedom of every person using it. It is an email client that has lots of features in it. It protects you from a phishing attack which is very common nowadays. I personally recommend this software to every student.  In addition to all these things, it is lightweight and quick. Runs on a variety of platforms like Linux,macOS, Windows.
Thunderbird mail

Download Thunderbird.

  • CCleaner:- Most essential software. Without this software students cannot imagine working smoothly on their laptop.  It checks the computer drive unneeded and unnecessary files, clearing them and freeing up space. It also helps in clearing browsing history.

So any internet browsing remains confidential.

Download Link:-

Download CCleaner.

  • Recuva:-  This is just the opposite of CCleaner. It is a file recovery software that is another essential software for students as it scans the drive for files that have been deleted and allows the user to save. It can recover files deleted from internal and external hard drives, USB Flash drives, portable media players, or all random access storage mediums. This software is able to recover the lost directory structure and automatically rename files when trying to recover two files of the same name. This software must be installed on everyone’s laptops not only students because sometimes by mistake we delete some files that may be very important to us.

Download Recuva

  • VLC Media Player:-  One of the most important thing students want to do is watching movies or listening to songs so in that case, a good media player should also be there which can play almost all formats of audio and video files. It can play some, even if they are damaged, incomplete, or unfinished such as files that are still downloading via a peer-to-peer network.

Download VLC Media Player

  • Adobe Reader:-  Another most recommended and essential software for students.

Another essential software for students.  Most students are fond of E-book reading or to open a PDF file. Adobe Reader is the best software they can use. It can import popular document and image formats and save them as PDF. Adobe Acrobat is also able to modify the contents of paragraphs and images. It can also crop PDF pages, change their order, manipulate hyperlinks, digitally sign a PDF file.

Download Adobe reader

    • 7Zip:-  Another essential and most important software.


    Most of the time when we download a file it would be in the form of .zip. In such a case a ZIP manager is a must. This is also another essential software for students. It is a ZIP file manager that compress and uncompress files. It also comes up with a file manager with standard archiver tools. The file manager has a toolbar with options to create an archive, test an archive to detect errors, copy, move, and delete files.

    Download 7-ZIP

    • Avast Free Antivirus:-   Best free antivirus software for students.  It offers an easy to use interface, a secure web browser, a network security scanner, and more. It has a do not disturb mode which blocks pop-ups when you are watching movies or playing games, so you are not interrupted. Avast also keeps an eye on your apps to make sure they don’t start to act strangely, a potential sign of a malware infection.

    Download Avast

    • TeamViewer:-  Best software for students as from this software they can easily do remote desktop viewing, where you can share your laptop anywhere in the world. It is safe because it includes encryption based on RSA. This technology is completely safe by today’s standards. Safely work on Windows 10 2020.

    Download TeamViewer

    For more information about the software that needs to be installed on a new laptop and for any other query please tell us in the comment section below. Till then keep exploring and stay tuned with us for more interesting articles.

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