How does an SSL Certificate for Websites Increase Revenue?

How does an SSL Certificate for Websites Increase Revenue?

SSL Certificate for Websites

You’ve finally stricken off ‘getting an SSL certificate’ from your checklist – I can relate to the relief you get by engulfing your website with a security layer. Yes, it’s important for SEO and the visibility of your business. But there is one more aspect of using HTTPS over HTTP, which is an increase in the revenue of your business.

Businesses can’t afford to miss out on any opportunity that can potentially boost their sales, especially when they are in a head-to-head battle with their competitors. Knowing how SSL certificates increase revenue becomes crucial. Moreover, there are different types of SSL certificates that you can purchase. 

Don’t worry if you aren’t aware of the know-how of SSL related to revenue generation. We’ve got you covered with everything you need to know about it. Read on!

How SSL certificates increase revenue

An SSL certificate has much more to offer than just security. In other words, Google and other search engines want their users to land on a safe website. This also means search engines will prioritize websites with SSL certificates in their search algorithm.

An SSL certificate gives your website an edge over insecure websites as a ranking factor.

Google, in 2014, officially announced that security is its top priority and insisted everyone switch their web address from HTTP to HTTPS. It’s 2022 now, and Google’s algorithm has gotten better manifolds in terms of security. 

An SSL certificate would put you above your competitor with HTTP websites. Better ranking means potentially more visitors. And that improves the sales and revenue ultimately. 

Commonly popular as SSL, HTTPS uses TLS (Transport Layer Security). It encrypts HTTP requests by using public keys and private keys. Moreover, there are different sorts of SSL certificates available. You can choose one or more of them, considering your budget and requirements. (More about types later in this article)

It helps in building trust with your customers.

When visitors try to visit your business website, some telltale signs keep your potential customers safe or at least make them feel safe. For example, a website with an SSL certificate has a padlock in its address bar with the URL https. 

This little big thing can help you build and sustain relationships with your customers. Earn your customers’ trust first; as the saying goes, you can sell them later. In addition, the visitors can rest assured that the data they share with you is not intercepted or compromised at any cost when the website has an SSL certificate to show.

One can even check the certificate details by clicking on the padlock. Due to trust, safety, and reliability, your visitors are more likely to share sensitive information about credit cards or wallets to complete an online transaction.

To secure software on your device you can use Digicert EV Code Signing Certificate. It comes with an additional timestamp that will stay valid even after the original certificate expiry. expiry. It also fosters instantaneous trust with Microsoft’s SmartScreen Application Reputation filter.

An SSL certificate reduces the bounce rate.

When visitors try to visit a web page with an HTTP connection without encryption or an SSL certificate, Google shows a warning.

Your connection is not private

So, when a visitor confronts a security warning, he would prefer to leave your website rather than visit it. This increased bounce rate is also a red flag for SEO. Such warnings do not only drive away traffic but also harm the trust your brand is building over time. This all results in poor sales.

On the other hand, you can avoid security warnings by using an SSL certificate. That means a reduced bounce rate, more potential visitors, and increased revenue.

Different types of SSL certificates

I hope you have a pretty clear idea of how SSL certificates increase revenue. Now let me run you through some different SSL certificates you can purchase.

1. EV (Extended Validation) SSL Certificates

This certificate provides the utmost security and requires detailed information from the domain owner for verification. It shows padlock, HTTPS, and green text in the address bar. Moreover, EV SSL certificates include the business names and countries in the web address.

That way, users do not mistake it for some spammy website. The extended validation SSL certificate is the most expensive of the other types. 

EV SSL certificates work best for businesses that require identity assurance to beat competitors with similar business names. Not to mention the highest level of encryption it provides.

2. OV (Organization Validation) SSL Certificates

You can go with an OV SSL certificate when your business is on a stringent budget. It provides a moderate level of encryption. However, it still shows a green padlock and the company’s name. 

The Certification Authority (CA) verifies the domain ownership and whether the business operates legally.

3. DV (Domain Validation) SSL Certificate

This certificate can be obtained just by producing a few company documents. But, considering that, it doesn’t verify identity information. And that means visitors can’t exactly know who is receiving the encrypted data.

You can get this DV certification when you add DNS to the CA. It doesn’t offer the strongest encryption your business needs, but it still offers you the least security you need. As its name suggests, the SSL certificate is only valid for the domain and not for its subdomains.

4. Wildcard SSL certificates

These certificates are valid for domains and all of their subdomains. So, for instance, if your website is, you can use the same wildcard SSL certificate for and other subdomains.

It saves admin time and money to secure the connection between a client and a host. There are some more types of SSL certificates available, like Unified Communications (UCC) SSL Certificates, Single Domain SSL Certificates, Multi-Domain SSL Certificates, etc. However, discussing them in detail here is insignificant. 


How SSL certificates increase, revenue makes more sense than saving money from not spending enough on the security of your online business. Conclusively you can say that Google is prioritizing safety more than ever. And your business will have a tough time thriving in the market without it.

When your business has an SSL certificate, you can see your business has better sales and revenue than when it didn’t have the certificate. In the end, I’ve also explained a few key types of SSL certificates to understand the primary differences between them. That will help you choose what SSL certificate you should get. 

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