Get MTA 98-365 Certification & Become Network Administrator

Get MTA 98-365 Certification & Become Network Administrator

Best Tips to Get MTA 98-365 Certification & Become Network Administrator

If you are a novice technician and if you are looking for work, you should pay attention to Microsoft certification program. Being a giant in the field of Information Technology, the company provides beginners with the opportunity to gain fundamental technical knowledge and express themselves in the industry. This company is the best variant for your start in IT. Moreover, being Microsoft certified, makes your career track smooth. After getting the core technical skill with MTA certification, you will opt for MCSA credential of the entry level, then for MCSE- of the expert level or MCSD certification, designed for developers. With a certification from this IT giant you just post your CV, collect calls and choose a better position. Enjoy the range of credentials that Microsoft offers. Don’t waste your time.

One of the major advantages of earning Microsoft credential is that it validates your skills and knowledge to the hiring manager or your potential employer. It shows that you have the required skills and expertise to function effectively in your job roles. In addition to this, it also has the potential to land you a job in any industry. As you might have noticed, there is hardly any organization that does not use Microsoft product. Earning Microsoft certification is a sure way to increase your job potential in the job market. According to statistics, about 91% of recruitment managers consider the candidate’s certification as an integral part of the recruitment criteria. If you want to make a headway in your career as an IT professional, you should consider earning one of Microsoft certifications.

The very first stage for candidates who are new to IT is MTA (Microsoft Technical Associate) certification. This credential provides them with fundamental technical skills. To get it, candidates need to pass one of the 14 exams available on the official Microsoft website, among which are Microsoft MTA 98-365 Windows Server Administration Fundamentals, etc. After that, they can opt for a MCSA certification, though MTA is not a prerequisite for that.

This article is mostly focused on passing 98-365 exam, known as Windows Server Administration Fundamentals and leads to an entry-level MTAcertification. All you need to earn Microsoft MTAcredential is to pass this exam (or any other exam from the list on the official vendor’s website). Microsoft 98-365 exam is designed to evaluate your capability to carry out the technical tasks in the area of Windows Server Administration Fundamentals. Specific skills that will be tested during the test include:

  • Knowledge of Server installation – 10%-15%
  • Knowledge of Server performance management – 10%-15%
  • Understanding of Storage – 10%-15%
  • Knowledge of Server maintenance – 15%-20%
  • Knowledge of Server roles – 25%-30%

The comprehensive information about the exam topics and subtopics can be found on

It is important that you study all the subsets of these skills and review various materials to be able to gather the insights that you need to clear your exam. In preparing for your test, it is recommended that you take some training courses to better understand the exam contents. Many students try to study resource materials on their own without getting help from experts. This might work, but you stand a better chance of passing your test when you take a preparatory course.

There are many benefits that come with going through a training course for test preparation. First, you will have access to the training from the seasoned experts who have gone through the certification process. They know what it takes to write and pass the exam. In addition to this, you can get the answers to any questions you have regarding the test.

Many professional websites can offer you the training necessary to equip you for the task ahead. In this guide, we look at the best websites that you can visit to take training courses for your exam.

  • PrepAway

PrepAway offers a training course on Windows Server Administration Fundamentals (98-365) for free. This site is ideal for the candidates who are on a tight budget for preparing for the exam. The training is a video course that is designed to equip individuals with the knowledge of architecture and management of servers.

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