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Enter Lenovo G50 Bios Setup & Boot Menu (With Images)


Enter Lenovo G50 Bios Setup & Boot Menu (With Images)

How to Enter Lenovo G50 Bios Setup and Boot Menu

Hi friends, in the Lenovo G50 series Laptop there is not any option to enter Bios Setup or Boot Menu using the delete key or any function key. Today i am going to show you how to enter Lenovo G50 Bios Setup and how to install Windows using a bootable USB Drive.

If you see in the Left corner of this laptop there is a Secret button which is called Novo Button. First step you have to do that, Get a Windows Bootable USB Drive. Plug it in your Laptop in any USB drive, now press the Novo Button using a pen or any thinnest tool when your laptop is off. This will open a Novo Button Menu with Bios Setup and Boot Menu Option.

Step 1 : Plug a Bootable USB Drive in to your Laptop. (Note: Skip this Step If you Want to Install Windows from DVD.)

Lenovo G50 Bios Setup - Bootable USB

Step 2 : Press the “Novo Button” in Left corner of this Laptop. (Use any thin thing to Press.)

Lenovo G50 Bios Setup - Novo Button

Step 3 : Now you will find this screen with Bios Setup and Boot menu, Select Boot Menu.

Novo Button Menu

Step 4 : In the boot menu if there is no any option to boot from USB, DVD or Hard Drive. (That means you have to change Some Setting in the Bios Setup.)

Boot Option Menu

Step 5 : Turn of your Laptop, again press the Novo Button and select the Bios Setup.

Turn off Laptop

Step 6:  In Bios, Go to Boot Section and Change Boot Order to Legacy Support Mode.

Boot Mode 1 Boot Mode 2

Step 7 : Now Go To Configuration Tab Here you can see USB Boot is Disable , just Enable it.

Lenovo Confiruration Menu Lenovo Confiruration Menu 2

Step 8 : Now Select Exit Saveing Changes in Exit Tab.

Exit Bios

Step 9 : Now again Press the NOVO Button > Select Boot Menu > Select Your Bootable USB.

USB HDD Windows Setup

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Congratulations !! You have succeeded to Enter Lenovo G50 Bios and installed Windows in it. If you have any question about this, comment us below we will reply all comments. Want to Watch a video for this : Click Here

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Enter Lenovo G50-80 Bios Setup & Enable USB Legacy

Thanks for reading and watching, Share if you like 🙂

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  1. Hi is there an option available in lenovo which can help me, my Laptop automatically choses Windows 10 Home whenever I am booting. my previous Laptop I was using gave me an option to choose which version of windows I want : Pro, Home, Enterprise etc. But this Lenovo I’m currently using doesn’t have that option.

  2. Hello,

    I saw and followed your tutorial but, the novo button is not working for me. The screen keeps flickering in black. Nothing appears.

    I have the g50-70 Lenovo with win10.
    What do you think?

    Thanks for all the hard work anyway. very well explained.

  3. my laptop g50-30 works normal,suddenly went off and showing bios setup..i tried to change ufi to legacy ,legacy to ufi..it works for 2 r 3 hours again same problem, i have changed os 10 to 11 using link not for usb drive …same problem….wn pc turns of sounds like single small beep….is any problem.can you tell me the reason

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